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Boomer Investigations has over over 15 years experience in law enforcement, investigations, bail enforcement, security and personal protection


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Boomer Investigations are trained and experienced professionals. They are always ready when you or your family needs private security, personal protection or investigative help in Oklahoma. They're by your side and in your corner every step of the way. Here's a bit of information about the folks who pick up the phone when you call 405-314-1890:



Mike has over 15 years experience in law enforcement. He started Boomer Investigations to provide reliable, honest and professional service to people who need help at a difficult time. He makes your case Priority One. He's as friendly and fun as he can be‚ and still makes sure he gets the job done.



Dude brings decades of experience to his role of client services for Boomer Investigations. He makes a mean cappuccino.


Boomer Investigations are the ones you can always count on to get a difficult private investigation, bail enforcement, security or personal protection service job done professionally anywhere in the State of Oklahoma.


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Boomer Investigations provides experienced professional private investigations, bail enforcement, security and personal protection services.