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Boomer Investigations has over over 15 years experience in law enforcement, investigations, bail enforcement, security and personal protection


Boomer Investigations Bail Enforcers

Boomer Investigations Bail Enforcement Enforcer

Boomer Investigations Bail Enforcement Enforcers

Boomer Investigations Bail Enforcement

Bail Enforcement

A Bail Enforcement Agent is an individual or entity who apprehends defendants who have failed to appear in court while on bond or bail. Licensed Bail Enforcement Agents receive arrest authority through the bail bondsman who guaranteed the bond, which allows them to lawfully arrest the fugitive. The agent surrenders the defendant to the appropriate jail or court. The National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents is the professional association representing the industry.

Boomer Bail Enforcement Services

Boomer Investigations provides excellent Bail Enforcement service based on constant training and years of experience. Boomer's attention to detail, from the beginning of an investigation through the return of the fugitive to the jurisdiction from which they fled, provides a level of service that can't be duplicated. All required paperwork is returned to the bailbondsman in a timely manner after the arrest of the fugitive in order to clear the bailbondsman's obligation to the court promptly.

The dedicated team of professional bail enforcements agents at Boomer Investigations is ready to help at a moments notice if our clients have defendants who skipped their court date, gone on the run, or they have reason to revoke their bond. Remember Boomer Investigations Bail Enforcement when you need your fugitive back in custody NOW!

Boomer Investigations operations are pursuant to the authority vested in the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training by the Oklahoma Bail Enforcement and Licensing Act


Bail Enforcement Agent Mike

Mike of Boomer Investigations has over 15 years experience in law enforcement and as a Bail Enforcement Agent. He started Boomer Investigations to provide reliable, honest and professional bail enforcement service to the bail bond industry.

Boomer Investigations is licensed by the State of Oklahoma to perform bail enforcement services and is fully bonded.


You can always count on Boomer Investigations to get bail enforcement services done professionally anywhere in the State of Oklahoma.


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A Bail Enforcement Agent is a person who can be hired by individuals or groups to perform investigatory law services